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Who are we?


headshot2013Charlotte Mannion CF CIPD

OK, I admit it, I am obsessed with communication and with words in general. I love how you can use the English language to weave spells, inspire, persuade and influence others.

This language is not just for plays and novels; businesses can build relationships with their customers and staff using the language effectively. Whether you are encouraging your teams to talk, share and create new opportunities or you simply want proposals written which are accurate clear and concise, we can help.

Based on years of delivering practical workshops covering all aspects of communication we have developed a range of self-study workbooks, trainer manuals and e-learning modules. You will find resources for learners and especially CIPD Learning and Development students; resources for trainers, and recommendations for trusted professionals I have worked with over the years.

We also recommend a small group of services as affiliates all of which we use ourselves and know it can work for you. In the same way, our business relies on personal recommendations and referral from you will go a long way.

Follow my weekly communication blogs and feel free to share them with your friends and colleagues.

As you may have guessed, I started professional life as an actress appearing in rep all over the country. Now I spend all my spare income on going to the theatre and buying audio books! I am Chair of Governors at New College Swindon, a trustee of Inner Flame (local charity for young people) a member of Rotary, and I love exploring the countryside on my trusty bike.


mmMatt Miller

I have been building WordPress and other sites for a number of clients over the past few years. I also maintain sites for clients and provide coaching for those wishing to build on and grow their website. The advantage of using WordPress allows you to have complete control of your site and be able to update it and change it as much as you wish for only the cost of your domain name and hosting requirements.

As well as working with you to build the right site for you I have created an ebook and elearning module on setting up your WordPress site from scratch. Available soon

We provide business photography for your website, blogs, and brochures.

Apart from being obsessed with developing cost-effective sites I am a professional photographer, qualified NVQ assessor and fine wine lover.