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Business Writing Workshops

Dictionary Series - Marketing: communicationDoes your organisation have a language problem?

Most business writing is too formal and long winded. It can easily get bogged down in jargon and corporate speak so your message gets lost.
Such business writing reflects badly on both the writer and the organisation. Few people are naturally gifted authors writing brief, accurate and clear documents presents a professional image. You can choose from coaching for one or two participants to workshops for small groups. And the programmes can be ‘mix and match’ to meet your particular needs.

Business writing for emails and letters

Effective sales letters and emails are the way most of us are encouraged to present information to our customers and our senior managers. However many of us never have the training, we are often just expected to know how to do it. This workshop will show you how to create business letters and emails that are effective and written in the style and image of your organisation.

Minute writing

This workshop is ideal for those who want to develop their skills to produce accurate, clear and professional minutes of meetings. It is particularly useful for people who provide minutes for technical meetings and need to distinguish the relevant information from the technical discussion.

Report writing

Reports and proposals are the way most of us are encouraged to present information to our customers, our senior managers and the board. Without training, we tend to ‘formulise’ our writing using bigger words and jargon that often makes reports dull and unreadable. This programme is designed to clear your mind of any preconceptions and show you how easily you can write reports that are clear, concise and persuasive.

Grammar & punctuation refresher

If you were educated in the halcyon days when schools taught only ‘creative writing’ you may have missed out on learning the basic rules and structure of our language. This workshop is designed to bring you up to speed on grammar and punctuation in a memorable and practical way.

Proofreading made easy

The cost to businesses of errors in proposals, reports, letters and e-mails can be staggering. Too often documentation is sent to clients without being checked, or by relying on spellchecker, without a thought to the structure and syntax and ultimately the meaning. This workshop covers how to proofread all types of written documentation. To make that process easier, the workshop provides a refresher on English grammar and punctuation in a light hearted and fun environment.

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