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Your Skills Coach

We all need to develop ourselves and our skills. But when and how can we learn skills for our business when we are too busy to attend training courses?

If you are involved in running a smaller business finding time for learning is difficult. You may recognise that you have learning needs but no time to go on an open or public course that may or may not touch on the area that interests you. In smaller businesses you miss out on the savings of having in-house training because not enough people need the same training or can be spared from the job in hand.


Our suggestion?

One to One Coaching for Skills Development

Quicklearn offers simple ‘one to one’ coaching sessions to help you to explore, identify, and develop your learning to meet your business needs. Why, for example, attend a full day covering Time Management when in reality you want to learn how to delegate more responsibly? What are the benefits of attending a two day recruitment and selection programme when in all you want to do is employ one part-time person? If you have an important presentation to make, a one to one session will always be more useful and less time consuming than a course with nine other participants clamouring for attention.

How we deliver one to one learning

We provide one to one coaching at a time and place to suit you. The coaching is focused and relevant to your particular needs. You can buy a few hours coaching to tackle specific skills or a package of hours to draw down whenever you want the coaching.

Which topics?

We cover all aspects of communications: report and proposal writing; HR issues; people management skills including coaching, delegating, interviewing and giving feedback; presentation and public speaking skills and personal effectiveness.


Talk to us now

In the first instance call or email to arrange a free no obligation meeting to establish if coaching will be of benefit to you.

Contact me here Charlotte or pick up the phone 07962 149074 I’d love to talk to you about your skills requirements.