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We believe

All learning needs to be fun………

After all time flies when you are having fun. Studies have found that people who take part in ‘silly games’ think more creatively and develop more innovative solutions to problems. A Cornell University study found people who had watched a funny film increased their creative flexibility and were better at coming up with creative solutions to problems than those who had not watched the film.

Quicklearn is dedicated to skills learning – practical, just in time learning delivered in fun and happy environment.  Quicklearn learning will help you to improve  your job prospects; develop your skills within your chosen role; encourage your promotion;  improve your writing skills; give you confidence to take on new roles.

There are four stages of learning:


Be clear why you are undertaking the learning and make sure you are in a positive frame of mind


 Make sure your learning environment is conductive to learning and break down the learning into bite size, manageable chunks


Make your commitment out loud to a friend, coach or mentor and start to process all the knowledge and skills you are gaining for the future


 Consider the learning and how it benefits you. Look beyond the test or qualification to what you will gain in your future


There are many, many ways to learn new skills:

Small group activities – ebooks – elearning – games – books – simulations – shadow others – have a go – action learning – videos – podcasts – coaching – study for a qualification

Find yourself a mentor or become one… It’s a great way to learn, working with someone who is skilled in the areas where you want to improve.


With more than 30 years time in the learning field we can recommend the right route for you

 Browse our simple self study guides; check out our trusted professionals; or plan a classroom activity for your group.