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Management Style

This questionnaire explores your preferred ways of managing staff. you will be asked to rate the degree to which a number of statements are true for you.


Remember that there are no right or wrong answers: what is right is what is descriptive of you so be honest.  Do not leave any items blank

when finished scroll down to interpret your scores.



Interpreting your scores


A: Comunication of facts

30-40 – It is unlikely that your staff know enough to act responsibly and perform well.

20-30 – You need to make a conscious effort to be clearer in your communication

10-20 – On the whole your staff are well informed but keep making an effort

0-10 – Your staff are well informed


B: Fairness

30-40 – You could be seen as being unfair to your staff

20-30 – Make a conscious effort to praise and give feedback

10-20 – Look for more opportunities to give feedback

0-10 – You are generally very fair


C: Firmness

30-40 – Your staff do not know where they stand with you

20-30 – Be more consistent and decisive

10-20 – You let others know you require high standards

0-10 – You are very firm


D: Flexibility

30-40 – You are unreceptive to opinions that differ from your own and you may therefor be missing some good ideas.

20-30 Ease up a bit, be more open minded and remember people need different things in different situations.

10-20 – You need to clarify what you are trying to acheive and be more open minded

0-10 – You are very flexible


E: Friendliness

30-40 – You are aloof and distant

20-30 –  Try to get to know your staff better and show them that they matter

10-20 – Encourage people to express their opinions more

0-10 you have a friendly and approachable manner


F: Sense of fun

30-40 – Be careful your stress levels may be dangeriously high

20-30 – Ease up and have some fun

10-20 – Show a bit more enthusiasm

0-10 – You enjoy life