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We believe the right picture is just as important a part of business communication as are the right words.   People trust people they can meet and build a relationship with but in this day of internet on many of us moving to online services the face to face meeting with your customer is lessened.  The next best way therefore to connect with customers and clients is via images.  Images of you, that is, not those impossibly beautiful models, cartoons or random animals beloved of standard stock pictures.

Commercial photography is often beyond the means of smaller, niche businesses and charities so we have created a number of services to help organisations with small budgets get the images of themselves, their products, their services and their workplace.

From social media and company documentation to advertising and marketing your products we can find a solution.  If you have your own premises and staff we can visit you for a couple of hours for a set fee covering all the pictures you want.  If you work on your own but would like a crowd of extras we run regular open photo-shoots for business owners to collaborate for a morning.

We can do your headshots for avatars or even train and coach you to do your own in house pictures.

A list of our photographic services can be found here



“I’m about to re-launch my website and think that stock shots don’t really do it. Also I am my own brand so any way I can model on my website what I do and show people who I am in those situations – that’s what I was looking for today”.   “It has been brilliant and exceeded my expectations, it has been so relaxed and some of the shots I have already seen have been just perfect – they absolutely showcase what I do”.

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Packs of free to use royalty free stock images suitable for web use can be found in the shop soon.  Complete the form if you would like us to let you know when they are available.