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Networking Top Ten Tips

Top Ten Tips to get the best from your Networking Hbolloxbutton

  • Investigate beforehand who is expected to attend, then you can decide who it would be best for you to get into conversation with. But, at the same time, keep an open mind. It’s not just about who you meet at events but about who else those people may know.

  • Have some goals, such as deciding to chat to three new people. You’ll never be able to talk to everyone.

  • Wear the right clothes. This doesn’t have to mean a suit. Smart casual is the best approach; networking is about socialising, it’s not a business meeting.

  • Try to arrive early to make the most of the opportunity, plus it’s easier to enter a room with a few people in than if it is packed.

  • Always wear a name badge, pinning it on your right lapel, as that is the direction the eye is naturally drawn to.

  • Go into the event with confidence – take a deep breath first – and remember your objectives.

  • If you’re not sure who to talk to, or find you are on your own, learn how to politely joining in a conversation. You just need to approach a group and ask if they mind you joining – nobody is going to say no.

  • Don’t get stuck with one person for too long; think of ways of politely excusing yourself. You are all there to network and so are they, so they will probably be keen to move on too.

  • Take your business cards but only give these to people if they ask for them. If you give them out without being asked first, the chances are they will end up in a drawer or the bin.

  • Remember to follow up afterwards by contacting people you have got on with – a simple “it was nice to meet you” will do. Don’t just email everyone regardless or you may end up contacting someone who was on the list to attend but never made it!

Networking is simply a matter of communicating effectively and to do that you need to be able to really listen and then choose the right language to use.