Networking for Marketing

Social networking  through Social Media is clearly becoming an important aspect of marketing.   The likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are playing an increasingly important part in generating new customers and clients.   However there is also the old-fashioned kind of networking, where you go along to a breakfast or lunch, for example, and meet people who you may like to do business with and who – you hope – will want to do business with you.    Face-to-face networking is as important for businesses now as it ever was but, as with everything, there is an element of skill involved. You have to be able to communicate, something I am enthusiastic about naturally.DSC_3064


Getting Started

Business Scene; NRG; 4 Networking; Enterprising Women; BNi, Business Biscotti are national Networking groups.  They all offer different approaches to Networking and run as commercial businesses. Some have an annual fee as well as a visit fee to cover refereshments.   Remember this should be recognised as part of your marketing budget so it should be listed against clear business objectives.  Before you commit you might like to check a few out to find the best fit for you.

Here in the Swindon area they are all well represented together with three local groups I have found useful.   Business Village who meet for breakfast every Thursday morning, Swindon Basepoint Hub lunch time meeting quarterly and Swindon Business Women’s Network who meet for lunch on the first Thursday of every month.

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