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Classroom Activities

Learning together

Despite all the gloom and doom about face to face learning being no longer relevant, it seems people still learn best in the company of others. At Quicklearn, we concentrate on offering workshops for a minimum of six to ensure participants can share experiences and learn from each other.


Workshops created for you and your staff

All our workshops are focused, relevant to both the organisation and the participants, and above all memorable. We use brain friendly and accelerated learning approaches ensuring we meet the requirements of all learning styles within each programme. We offer practical ‘learning by doing’ activities so that the skills become embedded and related to the participants’ work experience.

Tried and tested against learning objectives

We do not spend time writing fancy blurb and offering clever systems and tips. All our workshops are set against agreed learning objectives. They are always measurable. So when we say ‘at the end of the workshop you will be able to………’ we believe you will and we can demonstrate that.


Communications for all

While all our workshops are around getting the communications right in an organisation you will find a range of our most popular workshops here covering:

Personal Communications

Written Communications

Customer Communications

Manager Communications

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