Have you ever been Mentored?

ms133_93Finding someone to talk to about your ambitions, goals, and ideas is difficult if you work in a smaller business. Finding time to develop the skills you need to run your business successfully is, even more, difficult. That’s why so many managers and business owners turn to a mentor for help when the going gets tough or you just cannot see the wood for the trees.

Having a Business Mentor is the catalyst for helping you to find the answers for yourself. Rather than telling you their view and perception of your issue the mentor is more likely to ask challenging and thought-provoking questions enabling you to ‘see’ what you need to do.

A mentor will typically agree on a contract with the client that meets their individual needs and schedule. For example, we offer a 30 minute complimentary “is this for you” session? Assuming you are happy to carry on, we would then conduct an initial one-hour session to create a mentoring strategy. This session will often use personality profiling to help us get a better understanding of how you like to do things and a learning styles inventory to identify how best you learn. We would then plan with you how often you will want to meet your mentor to achieve your goals.

The important point is that you bring the agenda and the mentor brings his or her experience and wisdom to create a partnership that moves you forward.


Mentoring Essentials is written for experienced managers who want a quick reminder of the skills essential to successful mentoring.

It provides a brief overview of mentoring and what it is and isn’t. A recognition of the roles you may adopt while mentoring together with a list of the skills required to be an effective mentor.  At only £4.95 it is an invaluable reminder of the essential skills required to enable others to reach their full potential.