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psbutA Useful Guide to Public Speaking

To be invited to stand up to give a speech is an honour.
However the invitation can invoke fear and trepidation as the prospects of making a fool of yourself outweigh the feel good factor of the invite.

This Useful Guide helps you to develop your confidence and enjoy the experience!


rpbutA Useful Guide to Report Writing

Reports and proposals are the way most of us are encouraged to present information to our customers, our senior managers and to the board.

Yet many of us never have any training in how to write in a business style. We are often just expected to know how to do it.


mtbutA Useful Guide to Mentoring

Many of us have had mentors throughout our careers and lives although those relationships may not always have been formalised.

You may have experienced the benefits of being supported by a talented, generous person in your career and now you want to help someone else achieve success.

This Useful Guide is suitable for you if you are considering taking on a mentor role or looking for a mentor.


front-cover-communicating-effectively-353x500A Useful Guide to Communicating Effectively

Effective communication within any organisation is vital, and yet it is often assumed to be common sense. Many pitfalls lie in wait for the unwary and it is not surprising that some messages can easily be misinterpreted. Greater awareness of the issues and practicing the necessary skills can transform the way people get on with one another within the workplace, both internally and externally.