How to Give the Perfect Wedding Speech

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If you know anyone who is getting married this year and who may be nervous about speaking in public please tell them about this book available on Kindle

“From the moment my friend asked me to be his best man I started to panic! This book didn’t just help me, it was my saviour. It’s full of practical advice and tools to help with structure and content, as well delivery and nerves. One month later I performed my speech to over a hundred people and was greeted with applause and laughter”. Paul Johnson Software consultant at QFI Consulting.




what-not-to-write-picA  pocket-sized, information-packed and entertaining guide that has been compiled on the basis of long experience in helping people produce documents written in good English, with the underlying message that simple English is the best English. “What not to Write” deals with all those awkward issues – acronyms, ambiguity, American-English, bureaucratese, business English, captions, cliches, grammar, hyphens, jargon, punctuation, quotations, sexist writing, spelling, writing letters and much, much more. Writing English should be a pleasure and although there are rules and conventions,