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DSC_3047Gone are the days (thank goodness) when learners were expected to sit quietly listening to the so called wise words of their tutor and waiting for the day to end. We all know that learning new skills doesn’t work that way.

Research into the mind and how our brain works when we need to learn has identified different intelligences (Gardner) and different learning styles (Kolb; Honey and Mumford).

Accelerated learning techniques first identified for those learning languages have proved to be effective in learning other skills too. The principle that the best learning takes place when you are relaxed and having fun has put paid to the old school thinking of forcing people out of their ‘comfort zone’ or simply boring them to sleep.

So how can you take advantage of the learning process? How can you be ready to grasp the opportunity to learn more and more importantly how to use the learning in your job and career?

Check out the following resources:

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Always relevant. Always free.


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