Making interviews work


A step by step approach to preparing for your job interview.



Going for a new job?

How do you feel when you find out that all the effort you put into your job applications has rewarded you with an interview. Do you feel excited and confident or do you feel scared and overwhelmed?

It is so easy to twist yourself up with negative thoughts and unfounded fears and that is often picked up by your interviewer as a negative vibe. And that, of course, makes it even harder to be in with a chance against those who know how to market themselves confidently.

The key is in the preparation. The more prepared you are the less scary the situation. You have a chance to market yourself to an employer who will see what’s in it for him or her to employ you.

And your confidence comes from knowing exactly what is going to happen and how you are going to handle every part of the process.

Download this free PDF workbook and start preparing now.


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